Auto Crime Enforcement Month by JTFSecurity Group Inc.

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April is Auto Crime Enforcement Month!

It is very important to remember that items that might not seem too valuable to you, such as medical face masks, a grocery bag or sunglasses, can be the exact item that someone is looking for. 

Fun fact: the most stolen items from cars in Canada (from Toronto to Vancouver to Montreal) are smartphones and personal electronics such as headphones, chargers, tablets and GPS devices. 

JTF has a few tips everyone can follow to limit and stop auto crime! 

-Always lock your vehicle

-Remove or hide properly all valuable items before arriving to your destination

-Make sure you have your house keys with you when you leave your car

-Park your car is a bright area

-Try to always park in a space where there is vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic

-Never leave your car keys and smart keys unattended in your vehicle 

-Do not leave your car unattended while it is running (even if it is for a quick run into a gas station!)

-Consider getting anti-theft systems for older car models

-When parked at home, install a motion sensor light so that thieves get surprised when getting close to the vehicle

-Write or engrave your driver's license number on your stereo 

-Always fully close your windows (except when your have your pet alone in your vehicle)

-Install a tracker on your vehicle, so you can always keep track of its movements.

While the Royal Canadian Mounted Police noted a decrease of 24.2% of theft from vehicles in 2020 (potentially due to the decreased opportunities because of Covid-19), auto crime is still a threat to communities and individuals. Not only is it aggravating to have personal items stolen, it also reflects on claim costs. In 2021, an average of 17 people report stolen cars per day in British-Colombia which represents a decrease of 75% in the last 10 years. These positive numbers are reassuring but threat is still relevant to everyone so let’s work together to stop auto crime!

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