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Our mission is to provide robust, reliable, and ethical security solutions for a challenging world.

  • Security Guards Victoria

    Security Services and Investigations

    When you hire a security company, they should add value to your operations above and beyond their mandate, without ever becoming a risk. This is why JTFSecurity Group has become a leading and trusted name in the...


  • Security Guards Victoria

    Security Consulting

    Paralleling our personnel solutions, we offer a wide range of security consulting such as security plan development; fire and emergency planning; independent security audits; high risk terminations...


  • Security Guards Victoria

    Tactical Training and Specialized Education

    Raising the standards with safety and survival training for frontline responders, such as security personnel, firefighters, and paramedics.  Please review our various course offerings and gain more control of your day-to-day..


JTFSecurity Group offers its Tactical Training Solutions and Security Services to clients across Canada. We are also involved in a number of remote locations and camp setting operations.

Why Choose JTFSecurity Group?

  • We take time to carefully select the right fit for our clients in terms of services, as well as personnel.
  • Our approaches are very customizable and flexible.
  • We offer a wide range of security, education, and consulting services that complement each other.
  • Our security guards receive some of the highest training in our industry: first aid and mental health first aid, evacuation protocols, crisis intervention and negotiation, to name a few. They are compassionate and caring and extremely professional in their dealings.
  • At JTFSecurity Group, we consistently receive great reviews from local clients.
  • We are a hands-on security guard company, meaning that if requested and required, we can immediately and effectively deal with any issues or threats relating to your properties. Oftentimes, these approaches are more effective than involving local law enforcement.
  • We have good working relationships with our local law enforcement, fire, and medical care professionals.
  • We can offer additional staffing and security services as required on short-term notice.
  • For client confidence, we offer geo-tracking and live reporting capabilities.
  • We are a socially conscious security guard company, with involvement in a number of community initiatives.
  • With a local manager on your team, we can truly put in the time and care above and beyond what a larger security guard company can provide.

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"Very professional. Called them the day before I needed assistance, wasn’t a problem. Prompt, friendly, I felt well looked after. Thank you so much for you assistance, keep up the great work."
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