• Preventing Theft and Fraud at Work from Customers and Employees

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    Security Guard Courtenay

    The best way to prevent theft and fraud is to create an environment where customers and employees don't have a chance to get away with it. Here are a few ways to help your company or business stay safe.

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  • LPO Safety 101 by Vali Majd

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    Security Guard Courtenay

    Vancouver Police recently shared the results of an operation they ran targeting shoplifters. 130 convictions were secured.

    Most importantly, the prevalence of violent shoplifting incidents proves itself to be highly alarming.


    Here are 12 safety tips for Loss Prevention Officers and Retail Security Guards.


    -Always introduce and identify yourself as security twice- especially if you are in plain clothes- so there would be no confusion.

    -Risk vs Reward: Regardless of the store's SOP, guards need to factor for themselves and calculate the risks vs rewards of any attempt to arrest, detain or recover merchandise.

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  • JTFSecurity Expands into Toronto and Ontario.

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    Security Guard Courtenay

    It has been a long time coming! By popular demand, JTFSecurity is looking forward to bringing our socially conscious, progressive and refined approach to security management to the province of Ontario.

    Dedicated to a superior approach to managing our client’s needs, we look at serving our retail clientele with specific brand protection, access control, pandemic measures, loss prevention and general static & patrol guards duties.

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