The greater value of Mobile Patrol Services by JTFSecurity

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Intrinsically, operating mobile patrol services in any community has many advantages- while effectively the clients that hire us are those who benefit the most, really,  the overall communities also greatly benefit from our presence.

For instance, if you take a look at our patrol services in the Comox Valley- including Courtenay, Comox and surrounding areas, a single patrol car can have a great impact on the overall health of the community- especially when the security company has deep, active roots in the community it operates in.

Various security projects benefit from the support and presence of mobile patrol service. Long term construction site projects, while often best served by a static guard, may wish to consider regular mobile patrols; a drive in a specific neighbourhood to service a single client brings added value to the whole neighbourhood.

The robust connection between JTFSecurity patrol guards and local RCMP, fire and paramedics, along with outreach teams and street elements, position mobile services, not only as deterences and but also as witness and in some instances as active responders.

Whether addressing suspicious activities, or responding to a drug overdose all too often our guards are the first on scene.  Given jurisdiction challenges, we may address the situation while awaiting for higher level of care, or simply record and report.

The ten minute drive from one community to another gives enough peace of mind to those who have hired us, but really, it's all the various neighbourhoods we drive through that benefit from our mobile patrol services.