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Incident Management Training

A unique course designed to benefit a wide-range of professionals.

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Is your organization ready to manage the variety of incidents it might face? Are your teams equipped and trained accordingly?
Is your staff familiar with your Emergency Responses requirements, or even the basic Operational Guidelines or Protocols?

Whether you run a small facility or a large scale operation with a mixture of staff and third party contractors, JTFSecurity can customize training modules to bring everyone on the same page.

Whether you use Incident Command System or have a tailored matrix, our team of experts can review your protocols and create both tabletops or live scenarios to educate and challenge the various players on your teams.

Be they complex protocols such as Evacuations, Active Shooters, Fire or Earthquake, or basic first aid or crisis intervention, we will walk you, at a comfortable pace through the skills, attributes and understandings necessary to manage incidents with ease regardless of the industry you are involved in.

We can also review your existing guidelines and protocols and ensure they are realistic in their expectations and delivery, and make recommendations as needed.

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