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Security Services

When you hire a Security Guard Company, they should add value to your operations above and beyond their mandate, without ever becoming a risk. This is why JTFSecurity Group has become a leading and trusted name in the security industry.

JTFSecurity Group offers a various number of security personnel solutions ranging from protective guards, patrol guards, event guards, specialized security services, asset and facility protection, event staff, concierge services, secured transport, bodyguards and loss prevention. 

JTFSecurity Group is a Security Guard Company serving both Vancouver Island, Vancouver and surrounding communities. We have a socially conscious edge - both in our management processes and operational dealings.

Our approach to security management is careful, refined, precise, responsible and extremely effective.


Security Consulting

Paralleling our personnel solutions, we offer a wide range of Security consulting such as security plan development; fire and emergency planning; independent security audits; high risk terminations; incident management; threat, risk assessment & management; anti-stalking services; and thorough, dependable consulting services.


Tactical Training and Specialized Education

JTFSecurity Group offers a number of unique educational and training programs to organizations, corporations and agencies seeking to train and develop safer and more secure workplace environments.  These include safety and survival training for frontline responders, such as firefighters and paramedics, workplace violence prevention, crisis intervention, active shooter training, emergency preparedness, deescalation skills, weapon retention, scenario-based training and a number of self-defense and use-of-force solutions.


Security Guards Victoria

JTFSecurity Group offers its Tactical Training Solutions and Security Services to clients across Canada. We are also involved in a number of remote locations and camp setting operations in British Columbia.

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"Very professional. Called them the day before I needed assistance, wasn’t a problem. Prompt, friendly, I felt well looked after. Thank you so much for you assistance, keep up the great work."
- Susan

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