Security Planning

Assess and reduce your risk and vulnerabilities.

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The safety and wellbeing of your employees and customers is of utmost importance, as is the protection of your assets and property. JTFSecurity Group specialists have helped varying types of businesses, groups, organizations, and governments develop new security plans, as well as pressure test, review and upgrade existing ones.

Our Security Planning will help you allocate responsibilities and resources to improve your protocols and capacities, and ensure routine work is done in accordance with security standards. In addition, we will register and analyze your incidents to further reduce your future risks and vulnerabilities.

"We have been very fortunate to have JTFSecurity specialists with us from day one. Being a new project and building located in a high-risk area, we require detailed and diligent security planning. JTF always takes the challenges that we have to heart, and delivers. A very conscientious security team."

Be it for your facilities, events, institutions or personnel. Trust our dedicated professionals.


  • Communication protocols
  • Unity and chain of command
  • Active shooter training and planning
  • Fire planning
  • Emergency protocols
  • Threat management
  • Disaster response

Some of the methods used to develop, maintain, and update security plans are as follows:

  1. JTFSecurity Group will use available statistics and factor relevant external conditions while continually re-assessing all new incoming operational data.
  2. JTFSecurity Group will work closely with the client to identify roles and responsibilities of all relevant individuals.
  3. JTFSecurity will work closely with all interested parties, stakeholders and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to develop and help implement the Security Plan.
  4. JTFSecurity will conduct Criticality, Vulnerability and on—going Risk Assessments, including Risk Mitigation Measures and Prevention, Crisis Management, and Recovery Programs.
  5. As part of the overarching Security Plan, JTFSecurity will develop and maintain an Operational Security Plan (OSP) made of: Policies; Incident Response; Emergency Procedures; Special Event Management; and Code of Conduct for all relevant parties.
  6. JTFSecurity will develop a Training Program for staff and volunteers, including a training schedule and syllabus.
  7. JTFSecurity Group will provide a timeline reflecting relevant milestones.

Security Planning for events:

JTFSecurity Group routinely develops security plans for small to large events. We maintain relationships, and work closely with various agencies, authorities, and inspectors to meet the client's needs for safety, security, and compliance to regulations.We are proud of our exceptional track record in this field. With the peace of mind a comprehensive security plan provides, you can focus on the other demanding aspects of your event.

Any Security Plan is crafted with the intention of reflecting the various philosophies through creative, robust and effective security management while affording protection to life and property.


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