Loss Prevention Officers

Our Loss Prevention teams achieve results.

Loss Prevention Officers at Security Company in Canada - JTFSecurity Group

JTFSecurity Group Loss Prevention Specialists are trained to work both overt and covert operations depending on our client’s needs. 

Our methods enable clients to have the peace of mind needed to focus on other aspects of their business while ensuring the safety of their assets and property.

We can either help you deter possible shoplifters, or seek to apprehend and help prosecute to the full extent of the law. 

We can offer no-chase or full chase contracts depending on your needs.

Loss Prevention Officers at JTFSecurity Group are fully aware of the litigious nature of this work our personnel represents your interest in our uniforms, as such we are very careful about our interactions.

We maintain very good relations with our local law enforcement agencies and have a very low negative incidence rates.

To inquire about how JTFSecurity Group can help you cut on retail loss, theft and internal loss please contact us today!


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