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Security Company serving Canadians since 2014.

JTFSecurity Group Inc. is a coalition of professionals made of both retired and active security, military, law enforcement, fire service, emergency medicine, correctional services, SARs and coast guard dedicated to providing both training and robust security solutions for the needs of a varied clientele.  We have experienced and renowned educators, psychologists and counselors on our team advising us on a myriad of topics to better serve the demands of high risk high threat environments. 

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We plan. We train. We teach. We protect.

The majority of clients hire security guard services because they have to, not because they want to. But don’t trust just anyone to watch over your valued family members, assets, personnel, facilities, projects, or events. Taking the time to choose a reputable and mindful security guard company will give you absolute peace of mind, both in preventive work and incident management.

JTFSecurity Group Inc. is a leading licensed, insured and bonded Canadian security guard company located on Vancouver Island, in Vancouver .. JTFSecurity Group offers a variety of security guard services, including our renowned protective services, transport logistics, uniformed and covert guards, loss prevention officers, event security, VIP bodyguards, labor dispute security details, witness protection, as well as a concierge, and patrol and static guards. We also offer anti-stalking services and measures for your safety and peace of mind.

Working with our Security Planning and Consulting Division, we can provide planning and auditing of your operations, procedures, and facilities, and pressure testing of safety and security. The Security Training and Education Division of JTFSecurity Group was created to deliver specialized and customized security and safety training for all sectors, and we will customize these to match your new or existing safety plans and beyond.

Having a reputable security guard company or advisor on your team can be a huge asset to help ensure the success of your business or project. At JTFSecurity Group, we have an impeccable record, and have been considered a highly adaptable, thorough, personal, and conscientious security team.

JTFSecurity Group delivers the highest standards of protective services.

A large part of our success stems from stringent, demanding and challenging training for our Security Guards, varying from skill acquisition to scenario-based Security Training and encompassing a variety of topics such as de-escalation skills, team work, first aid, mental first aid, communication skills, self defense, and protective training, to name a few.

And security is so much more than just security guards.

Our consulting department offers a variety of services in order to better assess the safety and security of various institutions and prepare for security concerns. Planning, auditing, and pressure testing your security measures can be coupled with customized training for in-house guards, staff and management.

We tailor our approaches to match your needs in each specific case. In this context we really stand apart from other security providers, and our approaches have been described as highly conscientious, adaptable, thorough, flexible, and personal.

JTFCanada was founded to promote and share advanced tactical training in Canada, primarily among the Military, Law Enforcement, Hospital Staff, Emergency Medical Services, as well as the Fire Service and Security industry. We enlist and draw on a variety of proven methodologies and instructors to deliver incomparable training experiences. Due to the success of these programs, JTFCanada has expanded its curricula and now has a wide range of course offerings for businesses, agencies, corporations and school boards, including active shooter training, deescalation and advanced communication skills, dealing with drug use, intoxication and overdose, medical/first aid incidents, bomb threat and more.

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JTFSecurity Group offers Security Services to the private and public sectors across Canada.  We can also service your remote location projects.