6 Reasons to choose JTFSecurity for your Home Checks in Tofino by JTFSecurity Group Inc.

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Did you know that JTFSecurity offers Home and property checks in the Tofino peninsula? We have local, vetted and bonded licensed guards who can discreetly or overtly check on your property and residence. We do both interior and exterior checks of your homes and outbuildings, perimeter checks, inside conditions, and any specific custom requests.
Here is 6 reasons why you should choose us!
1) We are local. We know the land, we know the people.
It makes a difference- our guards are themselves residents of the peninsula. They understand the community dynamics, are available as needed, and will always keep the extra eye on your property.
2) We are licensed, insured and bonded.
Don't take chances. The whole purpose of hiring a security company is so that you may have peace of mind. Hire licensed professionals who are accredited, have a stellar track record and will bring you the peace of mind you seek.
3) We are meticulous and on-point.
Our guards are trained to be precise and detail oriented. We pay attention to all the little details and clues so that we can ensure the safety and integrity of your assets.
4) We are easy to work with. From the moment you contact us to the our reports, to changing your coverage and even our pricing model.There are many advantages to choosing JTFSecurity. One of the reasons we hear time and time again, is how easy we are to work with. From booking us to reporting, making changes, invoicing and paying, JTFSecurity makes it super easy to get coverage- short term, or long term.
5) We are affordable. 
We create customized bundles depending on size of property, frequency, and other specific requirements. there are no hidden fees or convoluted contracts. You might be away for some time, or cannot make the usual visits because of pandemic restriction
6) Peace of Mind. We get it- there are remote cctv systems and other technological solution, but nothing comes close to the thorough human capabilities of observing, investigating and ensuring there are no issues anywhere on your property.
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