Family First by Taina Uitto, Director of Operations

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JTFSecurity values family. As a leading a progressive security company, we understand the value of all our employees personal lives as much as we give importance to developing their career. Here are a few words from our Director of Operations, Taina Uitto.

Family first-

As someone who works very closely with all of our JTF employees, I was pleased to find out that our company was a finalist in the Family First category for our local Chamber of Commerce awards.  

In addition to my other hats, as a scheduler my approach has always been to individually work with everyone on the team to ensure that their schedules match with their other priorities in life.  As a full-time single mom myself, I understand that life outside of work, sometimes demands a lot from us as well.

During the week, I gain countless tidbits about guards’ lives- dentist appointments, deaths in the family, exams, someone’s partner’s sore back, a new dog, moving…you name it.  Some might call these excuses, but for me these are fundamentally important considerations that we grant to add to our employees’ work satisfaction.  

The downside, of course, can be more time-consuming scheduling. The other downside is that these relationships and intricate knowledge of individuals’ lives- is hard to pass among people, making “the scheduler” rather irreplaceable. Even weekend dispatch, for example, can’t possibly pick up on all the nuances by reading a fist full of notes.  They just wouldn’t know that Bob’s uncle’s wife’s friend broke her hip and will not be available for work.

We do of course, use the latest scheduling (and HR) program, which seeks to automate these processes with time off requests and other state of the art scheduling features.   However, the repeated feedback from our long-term guards is always the same: that working for us, they feel they are considered as individuals, not as just numbers.

We are constantly adapting our systems to accommodate for growth.  But, this human touch is something we have made a commitment to as a company, and something that we don’t want to lose alongside growth.  Security is about people.  We value our people.

Taina Uitto

Director of Operations

JTFSecurity Goup Inc.