LPO Safety 101 by Vali Majd

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Vancouver Police recently shared the results of an operation they ran targeting shoplifters. 130 convictions were secured.

Most importantly, the prevalence of violent shoplifting incidents proves itself to be highly alarming.


Here are 12 safety tips for Loss Prevention Officers and Retail Security Guards.

-Always introduce and identify yourself as security twice- especially if you are in plain clothes- so there would be no confusion.

-Risk vs Reward: Regardless of the store's SOP, guards need to factor for themselves and calculate the risks vs rewards of any attempt to arrest, detain or recover merchandise.

-Stay polite and professional throughout.


-Learn to recognize mental health and substance abuse/under the influence behavioural traits.


-Call for back up before intervening- exact location, description of subject(s), nature of incident.


-Use Posture, Placement and Presence to assert yourself.


-Keep Distance as much as possible (when doable) and use clear verbal Commands.


-Always keep moving on feet. This will help you stay off the "x", and make sure you don't present an easy target. It will also help you not freeze up.


-Deescalate- or at least be careful not to escalate the situation.


-Watch the subject's hands at all times. It takes very little for some one to reach in a pocket and get a weapon. Always keep track of the hands.


-Do not pull handcuffs or any restrains until you have gained compliance from the subject.


-Remember that if it goes "hands-on", for whatever reason, you will need to articulate why you responded the way you did, that force was justifiable and the quality and amount of force was reasonable.


Stay safe!