Security- More Than Just Protecting by JTFSecurity

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Security is as much about protecting people and property as it is about serving and assisting.  This is why we have high expectations of our teams to deliver excellent customer service.  Interestingly, however, customer service is still the less familiar and perhaps less popular concept when it comes to security, and hence something that many entry-level guards have to be trained and coached on

At JTFSecurity we base our customer service ethic for our guards on three R’s: Reliability, Responsiveness, and Relationship Building.

Reliability: We are there to serve you the client.  As such we:
• Keep promises
• Know our service
• Give advice and educate
• Communicate clearly
• Avoid errors
• Dress and groom appropriately
• Are present
• Show respect
• Solve problems effectively

Responsiveness: We want to minimize the effort required by the customer.  As such we:
• Offer to help
• Ask the right questions and listen
• Inform the customer as required

Relationship building: By being reliable and responsive we aim to build relationships.  As such we:
•  Set a mindset for service and expect a positive attitude
• Greet immediately
• Personalize interactions when and as much as appropriate

The concepts above apply to how our guards treat our clients as well as customers they come into contact with.  In addition, our management teams also adhere to similar service standards.

The ultimate vision for JTF is to bring peace and stability to people’s lives.  But! Of course we also hope that customers and clients give us good reviews and recommend us to others. While we might get the job done with robust services alone, the only real way to truly excel is with excellent customer service.

This is our commitment to you!