Communication Styles by Emmanuel Manolakakis, Regional Director

Author: JTFSecurity Group Inc. | | Categories: Emergency Planning , Security Training

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For security professionals, it’s important to remember the different types of communication styles that are available to you. Here is a shortlist of some basic ones …. 


5 Types of Communication Styles

Passive communication.

Aggressive communication.

Submissive communication.

Manipulative communication.

Assertive communication.


Naturally, we will all favor one or two types, but it's important to know them all. Each one will have a strength and weakness, and depending on the situation be more appropriate than another. Communication is such a big part of a security professional's job and learning how to be an effective communicator should be your top priority. 


The key take away here is to first understand the various styles, then practice which one works in which situations. You can handle 95% of all conflicts and situations with effective communications alone.