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Quite often, people think of loss prevention specialists as plainclothes guards who arrest shoplifters. While this is indeed correct, it is a small part of what loss prevention is all about.

Shrinkage or loss is the result of various criminal schemes. This could be anywhere from the “opportunistic” shoplifters to organized retail crime. It could be a result of internal (employees) or external (patrons) or a mixture of both working together to achieve their unlawful goals.

To prevent negative outcomes like these from occurring, loss prevention companies like JTFSecurity Group provide stores with resources and a plan to prevent illegal activities. We show our clients how several fraudulent cash maneuvers can be easily avoided with suitable cash register protocols. We provide shops with inventory control to ensure their stocks are not being tampered with, and our professionals are deeply embedded in their retail stores to ensure their loss issues are addressed. Through our various security services, we also help retail businesses to focus on their goals while we ensure that their loss is minimized and profit is maximized.

Who benefits from loss prevention specialists
Typically large stores and high-end stores will have a loss prevention manager who may choose to bring a team of external professionals or put together their own team. Many of our clients who notice big shrinkage benefit from bringing in a group of professionals to get a handle on, or better yet arrest those who illegally profit from retailers.

Besides addressing theft cases, our loss prevention specialists also add value to the safety and security of stores. We are trained to respond to various incidents such as vandalism, first aid, bomb threats, active shooter protocols, and evacuations. We can also help with simpler issues such as loss of child or parent, evictions, and alarm activations.

All in all, every store should, if it not for loss prevention, have a safety and security officer on-site at all times. These officers should be well-versed with the store, trained in first aid, familiar with arrest laws, and with various emergency protocols.

Usually, store owners do not consider loss prevention specialists as the cost of their services vary across the board. However, there are substantial long-term gains associated with our services. We intercept the theft of merchandise, offer brand protection, and, most importantly, we ensure that the reputation of a store is not targeted.

If a dedicated loss prevention team may not be what a store or project needs, they will benefit more from a uniformed guard or a well-attired, capable, customer-oriented security professional. The deterrence value cannot be underestimated, as mentioned earlier, the value of hiring a professional is far greater than just for loss prevention.

If you’re looking for loss prevention services, reach out to the JTFSecurity Group. We are a security guard company based in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, offering a full spectrum of security services to the private and public sectors. We provide our loss prevention services both in Vancouver’s lower mainland, but also on Vancouver Island. To avail of our services, give us a call at (877) 520-6677, or drop us an email at info@jtfcanada.com.

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