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Available to serve our clients during the Covid-19 pandemic

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General JTFSecurity Dispatch

March 23, 2020

JTFSecurity Group Inc. Operations During the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Flexibility: We continue to monitor developments and adapt as needed while supporting our clients with continued professionalism and dedication.

What started as a healthcare issue quickly escalated into a security matter and is now moving into crisis management and response.  Like many other businesses, we understand the difficulties these uncertain times are bringing, but continue to support our employees and their families, our clients, their patrons and assets.

Our staff are going beyond the call of duty- every hour, every day- responding to our clients' needs and the various communities we serve.


Capabilities: We continue to serve our clients and their changing needs, with expertise, personnel solutions, and logistical support.

Our ability to offer support with various staffing needs- be it licensed security guards, event specialists, protective personnel, concierge or event staff- has not changed.

We continue to work with our clients both locally and abroad to help them resolve various safety, security and transport logistics issues.

We can implement emergency response measures to protect staff, assets and personnel, both locally and abroad, with the help of our network of dedicated professionals.


Preparation and Planning:  Our team of professionals is here to help our clients prepare, plan and implement security and continuity measures.

Being and staying several steps ahead in planning and preparation processes is complex. We are available to guide you through the various processes required to assess and monitor your needs, risks and vulnerabilities in light of rapidly changing conditions. 


We wish everyone the best through these difficult and unprecedented times.


JTFSecurity Group