Management of Complex Behaviours and Dynamics (MOCBAD)

Management of Complex Behaviours and Dynamics (MOCBAD)

Gain skills, confidence, and an effective framework to manage complex behaviours and dynamics.

In this course, participants will learn to effectively recognize the differences between Crisis and Negotiable situations, the fundamentals of Communications skills, basic de-escalation techniques, managing mental health situations, anchoring, maintaining personal safety and recognizing personal limits.

The course is a one day course divided between skill acquisition and scenario based training.

The objective of the course are to teach and impart with responders the ability to recognize which dynamics need to be treated as "crisis' and which one can be "negotiated".

In a second stage, we will share specific skills to help manage both "crisis' and "negotiable" situations.

Management of Complex Behaviours and Dynamics (MOCBAD)

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