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Management of Violent Encounters. 

Elements of Violence - Toronto Corporate Security Services at JTFSecurity Group

Preparing the body and psyche for the realities of violence is a science.  Elements of Violence takes an in-depth look at how to Carefully Assess, Recognize, Deal with, and Survive violent encounters.

Elements of Violence is a three-day course designed for frontline operators who want to better prepare themselves for the realities of violence and confrontation. It will demystify much of the notions around violence and confrontation.  

Participants learn a variety of techniques to better prepare themselves for short term stress reaction and how to retain professional comportment under duress.

Students will explore a variety of behaviours and situations to better assess and recognize unusual of possibly threatening situations.  Students will also learn about early threat recognition, scene evaluation, approach techniques, entering structures, self-defence, combatives, strategical placements, cover and concealment, advanced communication skills, mental models, threat removal, and escapes and evasions.

There will be an in-depth style of weapon handling and retention, along with movement-based point shooting for the eventuality of dynamic confrontation.

An emphasis of the course will be to teach preemptive functionalities in relation to threat assessment, deescalation, and strategies and tactics.

Finally, we will impart the much-needed tools necessary for frontline workers to better process and deal with the post emotional effects of violence or train experienced or witnessed at a scene.  In this emotional care chapter students will learn to detect in themselves and their peers any difficulty processing certain events.  

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