Active Shooter Training Toronto by JTFSecurity Group

Active Shooter Awareness Training

 JTFSecurity Instructors use proven methodologies that involve both skill acquisition and scenario-based training.  

Active Shooter Training at JTFSecurity Group - Toronto Security Services

Different institutions, agencies and organizations- from schools and hospitals to ferries and industrial sites- all have unique conditions that may dictate the strategies and tactics to be utilized during an active shooter incident. Planning and preparation are key elements in the overall outcomes associated with any shooting incident.

JTFSecurity training is informational and thoughtful yet sensitive and inclusive. Our account managers will work very closely with you to understand the level of training you want to share with your employees.

Along the way, JTFSecurity Group can assess your facilities, audit your existing security measures and help implement various solutions to better ensure safety.

If you have immediate concerns from any recent threat, please call your local authorities, then call us! We will help you assess your risks and threats and develop a proper plan of action given your specific conditions.

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