JTFSecurity COVID-19 Employee Guidelines


As per Provincial health Orders, all JTF Employees need to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing:

Additional site specific guidelines may exist.



All JTFSecurity staff are responsible for their own self-assessment. If any signs of fever, cold, sore throat, or emerging cough are present, please stay at home and use the Provincial online self assessment tool. Employees agree to follow Provincial health directives.

If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid please isolate for 14 day.



Distancing and Face Covering:

Maintain 2 meter distance from everyone at any given time. All guards must wear mask/ face covering in any public space.




Continuously wash and sanitize your hands, workspace and gear that you are touching. When doing a shift change, both guards (out going and incoming) are responsible for disinfecting all gear and work areas, including but not limited to door buzzer, pens, phone, walkie talkies, fobs, keypads, iPads, desks, and chairs.




Given that we are not always present on specific sites, should any staff ever have any safety concern (Covid related or not), please report it to anyone on the management team via phone, chat or email.

In case of a first aid incident: Use appropriate PPE from the onset. When possible, put a facemask on the patient(s). Maintain appropriate distance while running through your questions and first aid interventions. Only the guard with the highest level of training should intervene. Limit the number of people intervening and breaking social distancing rules.

In case of a security incident requiring proximity with a subject, please ensure your are wearing appropriate PPE from the onset.


All the best,

The JTF Health and Safety Team

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