EPST1™ Executive Protective Service Training

A unique 6-day bodyguarding course designed to teach the skills to perform and function optimally within the high demand and high stress environments of close protection operations.

Bodyguard Vancouver

NEXT COURSE: February 10-15, 2020

5 full days of training at our remote training facility.

The course is designed to prepare operators to perform both basics and advanced protective security details for domestic and international operations. Because of our unique training methodology, both veterans and rookies will greatly benefit from this course.

Time is divided between classroom theory and hands-on application. 

To ensure quality instruction, the number of students is strictly limited.

Course Topics Include: Legalities; Psychology of Violence; The Role of the Security Specialist; Team Formation and Dynamic; Equipment; Note Taking; Communications; Threat Assessment/Management; Close Protection Skills Acquisition; Weapons Handling; First Aid and Medical Training (includes CPR and Field Survival); Crowd Dynamics; Hotel, Airport, Residential and Vehicular Protection; Media and Public Relations; Escapes and Evasions; Health, Fitness and Wellbeing for Specialists; Tactical and Strategical Planning; Scenarios (and lots of them); and a Final Examination.

* Please note: There is no live fire training in this course and please do not bring any weapons.

You may wish to bring your own holster/carrying system (either concealed or exposed) and a training replica. We will otherwise supply.

Requirements: This course is completed in five demanding 8-12 hour days, plus an assessment day.  Participants must be healthy, physically fit, 19 years of age or older, have good communication skills and be a team player.  No previous experience is necessary.

This course does not constitute a Security Licence in the Province of British Columbia.

Minimum # required to run the course: 6

Maximum # of participants: 16

Cost: $1395 + GST (please note this does not include food, travel or lodging)

Reserve your spot today.  Send us a message to inquire more.