How do I get my security license in BC?

We hire both licensed security and non-licensed event staff. The following is to help you understand what is involved in acquiring your license and what it takes to work for JTFSecurity Group.

Getting your security license in BC requires 3 steps:

1) You must sucessfully pass your Basic Security Training (BST) through an accredited educational facilitiy. This can be done in person at various schools across the province or on-line through the Justice Institute of British Columbia's website.  Keep in mind that if you do the course online, you will need to present yourself IN-PERSON for a written exam at an approved location.

2) Once in possession of your BST certificate, you will need to go for a criminal record check.

3) Lastly, you may apply for your security licence through the Ministry of Justice, Security Licensing division.

The whole process can take several weeks, and sometimes up to 3 months depending on backlogs at the ministry. The process may cost between $300-$600 depending on how much your course cost.

Keep in mind that smaller communities on Vancouver Island,  and on the mainland offer BST course and written examination opportunities much more seldom that in big urban centers.

We always encourage applicants to start their process early.

On-line security license applications:

New security license look in British Columbia

Am Licensed! Now what?

Being a security professional requires more than a license.

Getting a security license is the first step in the journey to becoming a security professional. It takes years of service for a license holder to learn and understand the various ropes of the many fields within the security industry.

The reality of concierge services are very different than loss prevention services or event teams. Remote camp operations and protective services might share similar traits, but they are very different in terms of training, planning and preperation.

Some positions require many long hours of standing still with no action- security professionals need to be able to stay focus and aware continously. Other positions require being extremely social and outgoing. A well rounded security professional can be adaptable and flexible.

Elements of contionous training such as first aid, crisis intervention, trauma care, deescalation, team work, use-of-force, martial arts, self defence are all relevant to the path of the security professional.